Mongolian BBQ    - Stir fry            "Make it the way you like it!"
Lunch before 4pm

Value Bowl                6.95
Small Bowl                8.95
Medium Bowl            9.95
Large Bowl              12.95
All you can eat        14.95
Kids Bowl small            5.95
       under 10
All meals include rice

Beverages: Pepsi sodas, Lemonade, Iced Tea, Coffee,
Juice, Milk                   2.75

Hot Tea: $1.80 per person


Chardonnay, Oregon                    5.95
White Zinfandel, CA                      4.95
Cabernet, CA                                 5.50

Mongolian Law #1
If one guest feasts from one bowl
guest pays once. If two guest feast from one bowl guest pays twice. 

15% Gratuity added to parties of 8 or more
Includes Seafood
Dinner after 4pm

Value Bowl                8.95
Small Bowl              10.95
Medium Bowl          11.95
Large Bowl              14.95
All you can eat        16.95
Kids under 5 may share all day

Sundays Dinner All Day

Domestic and Non-Alcoholic Beers

Coors                        2.95     
Coors Light              2.95 

Import and Microbrew Beers

Corona                         3.95
Mirror Pond                  3.95   
Tsigntao                        3.95

Mongolian Law #2
If guest fills bowl so full that cook cannot safely put meal back in same size bowl, guest pays for next size bowl.

No to go on all you can eat
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