Mongolian BBQ    - Stir fry            "Make it the way you like it!"

The warlike Mongolian tribes of old would throw their huge metal shields across the campfire and BBQ strips of meat for their evening meal. We've come a long way since then....

The mighty Khan moved swiftly across the plains of Asia, we too have a system designed for speed and efficiency.

You are in control, our selection of fresh vegetables, meats and Asian sauces caters to all your special needs and desires. You select the fresh ingredients and our cooks will stir fry your meal before your eyes in just minutes.

We want your visit to be exciting and deliciously enjoyable. So relax, have fun, and stay healthy at Medford's original home of Mongolian BBQ since 2001.

We specialize in accommodating large groups and parties and we welcome orders to-go.  Open 7 days a week. Gift certificates available.

"Make it the way you like it"

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